Disaster Explosion Fire Problem

When things catch fire: Identity for Office 365

Get inspired by interesting questions you should ask yourself when planning or already running (federated) identity for Office 365 in a business continuity case or disaster recovery case. Have you thought about Password Hash Synchronization as a fallback, for a fast recovery?

Legacy Application Migration Azure

The hassle of touching a delicate application

This article is a real-life example of a dated application that must be touched so it can continue to run – and why lift & shift sometimes not works. Especially when it’s a internet-facing application and you’re still dealing with credentials yourselves. We share learnings we’ve had with our app, that can easily be transported to your “special” app.

Security Access App Service Edge

Sir, what if the perimeter died?

This article asks you to reset your thinking about your perimeter, the firewalls you built and the border between inside/outside: they no longer exist. Modern access patterns blur the lines between inside vs. outside and you need to manage your risk differently than building a wall and controlling what’s passing that wall.