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What’s next – topics to think about in Identity

Why not read something technical you enjoy and spend some time during the holidays? This article shares a number of topics around identity which seems to perfect to reflect on and could help you to prepare a cloud identity roadmap for 2019. Florian put together his thoughts on the major things that will be of importance in the next year or two, from a Microsoft Identity perspective.

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Eradicating passwords – first steps of a year-long journey

Microsoft has embarked on a journey to eradicating passwords in enterprises. To protect corporate assets users must change their way of working. Will we give up on passwords moving forward? This article is talking about the recent announcement from Microsoft and how this affects the enterprise customers.

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When things catch fire: Identity for Office 365

Get inspired by interesting questions you should ask yourself when planning or already running (federated) identity for Office 365 in a business continuity case or disaster recovery case. Have you thought about Password Hash Synchronization as a fallback, for a fast recovery?