Meeting Fatique

When too many meetings turn remote work into a Nightmare?!

The adoption of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack or Zoom was taking up during the last months due to COVID-19. But are you also more exhausted at the end of the workday due to the number of meetings attended ? In this article I will share my experience from the COVID-19 lockdown.


Next Stop, Channel 9

Agile and Azure have one thing in common: Both constitute a lever for your organization’s Digital Transformation. Michel Luescher, Thomas Maurer and Annika Maibom met in the Channel 9 Studios and explain how Microsoft Services can help you, our customer, to follow this path successfully. Learn how an Agile Mindset unblocks Azure.

Cloud Data Sharing

Sharing is caring, Azure Data Share

E-Mail or FTP is still a preferred tool to share information, but services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and the likes have also become very popular. But what if there would be an enterprise-ready tool which simplifies data-sharing and provides full control? Then Azure Data Share would be your best friend.

Azure MCSE Exams Expert Foundations

Get your certifications for Azure ready

You want to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) for Azure? Did you already pan how your personal Azure certification roadmap could look like? And how you can prepare and learn how to pass the new job-role mapped certifications? This article provides some readings which might be helpful to master the exam(s).

system update roadmap

Don’t just migrate your legacy operating system to the cloud

You want to migrate to Azure but you have questions about upgrading your Windows Server OS? What consideration needs to be taken before and after upgrading? This article combines the most important information needed to plan the migration.

Azure Regions Connection World

Azure Region and Datacenter, find your best match

When deploying cloud services and resources, the location is a fundamental decision to consider. Depending on the datacenter location selected, there are technical and legal aspects in one region instead of another. How to find the best Azure Region for your workload?