Next Stop, Channel 9

During Winter, Microsoft hosts the winter edition of “Microsoft Ready” in Seattle. Ready is an internal-only event for Microsoft field people, formerly also known as “TechReady”, where we have the opportunity to learn from peers and our Engineering Teams in a variety of sessions, delivered by various teams/roles, around different topics.

During this week, my old friend from the Hyper-V days Thomas Maurer approached us, if we would have time and be willing to have a discussion with him in the Channel 9 studios. Due to the fact that we just had delivered a 5-day bootcamp on Azure Cloud Foundation (our key offer for implementing landing zones in Azure), we came up with the idea to talk about the approach Microsoft Services is following, unblock our customer with the adoption of Azure and applying an Agile mindset. Who would be better to talk about Agile and it different flavors than our Agile Project Manager Annika Maibom, Annika is based in EMEA and led various cloud transformation projects. Not only to move our customers to the cloud, furthermore to embrace the Agile mindset and leave an even bigger footprint.

The story “Unblocking Azure” explains how we are supporting our customers on their digital transformation journey. We talked about various aspects from Agile project delivery, internal offering and readiness efforts, and how Microsoft Services is engaging with customers to kick-start Azure projects.

You can watch the 20 minutes video here … or on Channel 9 directly. You might also want to read the Blog post from last week on Agile Mindset and how it impacts the digital transformation.

There’s just one more thing…

Fun fact, look at the stickers on this Surface Laptop and you might spot another interesting project I’m supporting. Stay tuned for more details… #NeverSkipAWorkout


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