system update roadmap

Don’t just migrate your legacy operating system to the cloud

You want to migrate to Azure but you have questions about upgrading your Windows Server OS? What consideration needs to be taken before and after upgrading? This article combines the most important information needed to plan the migration.

passwordless password secure

Eradicating passwords – first steps of a year-long journey

Microsoft has embarked on a journey to eradicating passwords in enterprises. To protect corporate assets users must change their way of working. Will we give up on passwords moving forward? This article is talking about the recent announcement from Microsoft and how this affects the enterprise customers.

Azure Regions Connection World

Azure Region and Datacenter, find your best match

When deploying cloud services and resources, the location is a fundamental decision to consider. Depending on the datacenter location selected, there are technical and legal aspects in one region instead of another. How to find the best Azure Region for your workload?

Azure Firewall Service Endpoints Security

Secure your Assets, secure your Endpoints

Data breaches remain a top concern for many customers and it still can be very hard to convince some security officers to move data to the cloud. Most of the customers want to limit access to their cloud resources to their networks only. This article describes how to achieve this goal.

Disaster Explosion Fire Problem

When things catch fire: Identity for Office 365

Get inspired by interesting questions you should ask yourself when planning or already running (federated) identity for Office 365 in a business continuity case or disaster recovery case. Have you thought about Password Hash Synchronization as a fallback, for a fast recovery?